Wills & Enduring Powers of Attorney

We are proud to be experts in will drafting and estate administration.  Every single client that we act for is different and every will we prepare is different too.  While technology may be great for standardised document generation nothing beats a human when it comes to drafting your will. We don’t run a computer programme to generate wills for clients! 

At Shanahans Law we have a team of humans who are experts at preparing wills – and because we have drafted so many of them AND administered thousands of estates we know what works and what to avoid. 

We know that it can be very confronting for some clients to prepare a will.  Questions like “who will look after my young children?” can be difficult to think about. And we get that. Give us a call and we can start the process for you today.

If you would like us to prepare your Will and Enduring Powers of Attorney, please complete the relevant forms referred to below and return same to us and we will contact you about making an appointment.

What you will need to bring with you:

  • Your current Driver’s Licence or Passport or other Government Issued photo ID. If you do not have suitable ID – please let us know.
  • Proof of Address (i.e. an original rates demand, utility bill or bank statement – must not be more than three months old).
  • Your completed Will Request Form and/or Enduring Power of Attorney Information Sheet referred to below.

Enduring Powers of Attorney ("EPA")
If you are instructing us to complete your Enduring Powers of Attorney, please understand:

  • You will meet with us and we will advise you on your EPAs.  Please note that we cannot meet with your attorney as well as you, unless that person is your spouse or de facto partner.  We must be independent of your attorney and they will need to sign their part of the document in front of someone outside of our firm.
  • There are two types of Enduring Power of Attorney, one relating only to your assets, the other relating to your personal care and welfare.  Prior to our first meeting with you, please read the following notes relating to each type of Power of Attorney so you know what powers you can give your attorney/s:

After reading the notes for each type of Power of Attorney, please complete the following form:

If you are instructing us to complete your Will, please understand:

  • Please complete the Will Request Form referred to below and return same to us prior to meeting with us.  After we receive your completed form, we may request that you meet with us before we begin preparing your Will.
  • Due to the new “Brightline” tax laws, we recommend that you do not choose an executor for your Will who resides outside of New Zealand.  This is currently causing delays and unnecessary expenses to families in obtaining Estate IRD Numbers which are required to sell estate property and file compulsory estate tax returns.

Please complete the following form which includes guidelines on how your Will should be structured: